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Having already worn a look from the brand at the Critics Choice Awards, Moreno knew how to make the Canadian duo’s lively creation resonate on the red carpet. From the moment Moreno waltzed into Los Angeles’ Fairmont Century Plaza with her ruffled train trailing behind her, she was the star of the Golden Goose Outlet show. Husted, who treats Kim Kardashian and Alexandra Daddario, opts for Biologique Recherche’s Lotion MC110 N1 to plump, or the brand’s Elastine Serum to smooth texture and fine lines. For brightening, Fender recommends Auteur’s exfoliating mask and the Biologique Recherche PIGM 400 sheet mask.

This weekend, consider Los Angeles the fashion capital of the world. In addition to the forthcoming red carpet looks at tonight’s Oscar ceremony, there has been a slew of stylish fetes hosted by all of the biggest fashion houses. LEFT: Hadid plays it fast and loose in an Alexander McQueen denim jacket, Tory Sport top and Alo leggings, showing how Chanel’s bag adds instant polish to an otherwise casual look with enough space to stow all your Golden Goose Sale essentials whilst on the go. RIGHT: Decked out in head-to-toe popping pink, Hadid’s cropped nubby sweater and low-rise corduroys feels tough, not sweet paired with suede work boots.

The name-calling was one thing, but the constant threat that someone would rip my hair off meant I never stood still for long. And that isn’t just because the first image that might come to mind is a pair of Carrie Bradshaw’s Manolo Blahniks stepping out of a classic yellow cab and tottering up to her West Village brownstone, either. I think Golden Goose Sneakers you can see how that inspiration translates to the very voluminous skirt, but he’s also incorporated the recognizable Off-White vocabulary: the twist over the bosom and ease of the R-shirt. The piece works really well. It wasn’t until I walked into Paks that I realized wearing a wig didn’t have to be a heavy experience. Though Bullock toned down the look’s sweetness by adding on a black blazer and thigh-high leather boots, there was no masking its grandeur.

Celebrating the hundreds of hours that went into the look was also crucial for Kidman and her team. It honors the designer’s craftsmanship; the couture design, von Boehm continues, adding that the escapism that fashion can offer was also front of mind. In celebration of the eye-candy show, we’ve pulled 24 Bridgerton dresses to help transport you to the magical world seen on screen. DJ Khaled looked perfectly dapper in his suit for the Oscars last night. Wearing double denim is often called a Canadian Tuxedo or Texas Tuxedo-but even the French love to pile on jeans. Eddy de Pretto’s approach is totally more whimsical though, thanks to the bucket hat, striped shirt, and low-top sneakers.

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